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  1. This portal is as per CEA scheme approved by MoP vide order no F. No. 23/01/2022-RCM dtd 19.11.2022 (Link to read the scheme……..). Henceforth, this portal shall be referred as “Flexibilsation of PPA for Optimal Utilization of Resources and Reduction on Cost of Power for Consumers.”
  2. As per the Scheme none of the existing arrangements shall be disturbed, rather an additional avenue has been provided to stakeholders through this portal for optimal use of surplus power.
  3. Through this portal temporary allocation of power would be made online amongst constituents in the country as per the provisions of the Scheme approved by Ministry of Power.
  4. The Scheme envisages paperless working and is subjected to willingness of seller and Buyer, confirmation of transmission corridor by concerned agencies and confirmation of payment security on portal by the new Buyer/Gencos before scheduling of such power. Users are required to confirm the information available on the portal at their end for using the portal.
  5. The portal is for Generating station whose tariff is Regulated tariff, determined by the Appropriate Commission under section 62 of the Electricity Act 2003 or tariff adopted by the Appropriate Commission under section 63 of the Electricity Act 2003 with details as under:
    1. For surplus power with Central Generating Station (CGS)
    2. For surplus power with Inter- State Generating Stations (ISGS) (excluding CGS).
    3. For surplus power with the States/Distribution companies (whether state owned or private).
    4. For surplus power with IPPs.
  6. The temporary allocation/transfer of surplus power shall be done on Short term basis and for Long term basis as per the provisions of the Scheme. For long term basis, the processing shall be initiated from the day of surrender of surplus power to D-5 day and for short term basis, the processing shall be initiated either on D-2 or D-3 day based on following conditions:
    1. D-2 day, if the buyer confirms the advance payment at the time of requisition.
    2. D-3 day, in the absence of advance payment.
  7. For availing processing under D-2 buyers shall intimate the generator at least one day in advance regarding the availability of Advance payment.
  8. The tariff of power shall be as determined by the Appropriate Commission time to time on exbus basis. The tariff (as determined by the Appropriate Commission) shall be updated in advance at the portal by the concerned CGS. However, the tariff will be subject to any changes made by the Appropriate Commission.
  9. The transmission charges shall be paid as applicable to the concerned transmission entities (CTU or STU or as the case may be).
  10. The payment shall be secured through suitable payment security mechanism e.g. letter of credit (LC) or advance payment or any other mutually agreed payment security mechanism. In order to enable scheduling of power, new beneficiary shall intimate the Genco for availability of PSM as per the timelines of Scheme.
  11. Payment security mechanism shall be maintained as per the mutually agreed terms and the same would be confirmed by the seller and the buyer on the portal. In case of CGS Stations the terms for PSM shall be same as agreed by the beneficiary for the availing the power from other station of the same generating company. POSOCO to verify the same before actual despatch of power.
  12. The new buyer or beneficiary shall be liable to pay all charges including Fixed and Variable Charges for power temporary allocated as billed by GENCO and as determined from time to time by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and/or any other Competent Authority in this regard. Ooriginal beneficiary shall have no right to recall as entire Fixed Charge liability is shifted to the new beneficiary because power being temporarily reallocated/transferred to them.
  13. The new beneficiary shall be liable to pay the Regulatory Charges including any revisions in ECR or Fixed charges as determined by the Appropriate Commission and as per the extant Tariff Regulations or Tariff orders in this regard for the power requisitioned. The financial liability of new buyer or beneficiary shall be limited to quantum of temporarily allocated/transferred power.
  14. The nodal officers of CGS, ISGS, IPPs, State Power Purchasing Cell/ SLDC shall ensure following on the portal:
    1. Shall fill the indicative Fixed and Variable charges details of their generating stations at the first time of logging and shall update it regularly as and when required.
    2. Buyes/Beneficiary shall verify details/data related to their Gencos and corresponding allocations on portal at the first time/subsequent loggings and shall act accordingly.
  15. In case of allocation of power of CGS, for both short term and long-term temporary allocation, the surrender of surplus power and requisition will be done as per the approved scheme i.e. in terms of quantum (MW), duration (block-wise). However, final allocation of power to the new buyer shall be only in percentage of installed capacity.
  16. In case of CGS, The Fixed Charges & Variable Charges provided on the portal are indicative and the actual payment of Fixed, Variable Charges & Other charges shall be as CERC orders issued time to time. The Payment against temporary allocation shall be as per the extant Regulations and Orders issued time to time.
  17. Since temporary allocation is being made as per the Scheme the new beneficiary shall comply with conditions such as maintaining adequate PSM, Payment of dues within due date, Complying the provisions of Late payment surcharge Rules 2022 etc as per extant rules and Regulations.
  18. Payment settlement will be as per the REAs (Regional Energy Accounts) including revisions thereof, prepared by the concerned RPC. This will be binding on all the buyers of power from CGS.
  19. For this portal the co-beneficiaries for a CGS shall only be those states having power allocated by that CGS as on 1.04.2023.
  20. The variable cost of gas based power plant shall be as per the standard norms based on the availability of fuel.